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We are pleased to introduce ourselves CANCO FASTENERS, is a Indian manufacturer of high quality fixings and fasteners since last 50 years. We have a variety of Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Screws, Thread bars, Clamps, Rivets, Steel Wire, Rope, Screw Nails Raw Material of M.S. S.S 316, 304 grades and Brass. Our Products are well appreciated by Architects, Engineers and Cunsultants confirming the product Reliability and Durability.And Our Product keyword : -Ceiling Anchor Bolt, Anchor Bolt, Can Bolt Anchor, Eye Bolt Anchor, Can Eye Hook Bolt, Can Projection Bolt, Toggle Anchors, Stud Wedge Anchor, Hook Bolt Anchor, Hook Bolt Sleeve Anchor, Masonry Anchor Bolt, Heavy Duty Shield Anchor, Wall Anchor, Tam Anchor, Sleeve Anchor, Can Bolt, Fixing Anchor Bolt, Can Drop Anchors, Brass Anchor Bolt, Self Drilling Screw, Dry Wall Screws, Chipboard Screws, Chemical Bolt, Rubber Pipe Clamps, U Clamp, Steel 304 Stone Clamp, Stone Fixing Anchor Wall Clamp, Facade Fixing Clamp, Dry Stone Cladding Clamp, J Type Stone Cladding Clamps, Can Fixing Anchor, Granite Install Fixing Anchors, Z Fixing Anchor, Stone Fixing Marble Bracket, Steel Stone Cladding Clamp, CAN Stone Cladding Clamps, Can Pipe Clamp, Z Anchor Stone Cladding Clamp, Stone Cladding Clamp, Dry Stone Cladding Clamps, Can Pipe Clamp, Angle Pipe Clamp, Stainless Steel Stone Cladding Clamp, SS Stone Cladding Clamp, Wall Cladding Anchor Stone Cladding Clamp, DIN 931 Hexagonal Head Screw, Flange Head Self Drilling Screw, Hot Dip Galvanized Self Drilling Screw, Wafer Head Self Drilling Screws, Stainless Steel Cheese Head Screws, Stainless Steel Wing Screws, Flat Washer, Spring Lock Washer, Unterlegscheiben Plain Washer, Kugelscheiben Spherical Washer, Counter Sunk Finishing Washer, Conical Spring Washer, Wood Constructions Washer, Star Lock Fixing Washer, Contact Washer, Nord Lock Washer, Internal Tooth Lock Washers, Countersunk Finishing Washer, Internal Tab Washer, Federscheibe Wave Spring Washer, Spring Washers, Steel Split Lock Washer, Fender Washer, Sheradised Flat Washers, MS Washer, BSP Copper Sealing Washer, Scheiben Bolzen Clevis Pins Plain Washer, Square Washer Flat Fitting, 50mm SQ Hole MS Plate Washer, Screw With Captive Washers, Bright Washer, Steel Crinkle Washer, Bolt Nut, DIN 934 Hex Nut, DIN 6923 Hexagon Flange Nut, Brass Hex Nuts, Can U Bolts, Pipe Hanger clamp, Pipe Hanger, pipe-clamp, sprinkler_hanger, hanger clamp, Stainless Steel Wire Rope.

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